At Top-Notch Edu Hub our mission is to provide reliable educational services and experiences that help African schools, students and pupils compete with their peers globally. Our team of skilled personnel are passionate about education, media, robotics, information & educational technology.  
We collaborate to build strong school management software that enhances effectiveness in school.

Our scope of service is majorly targeted to African schools, teachers, pupils & students across the board. A well planned healthy educational events and training we seek to deliver to their respective countries.

We believe education should be holistic and learning should bring about behavioral change. Top-Notch Edu Hub provides professional teacher training and healthy extra-curricular activities for teachers, pupils, and students. Our planned educational events ”Teachers hangout and The Brain Box Competition” create a conducive atmosphere for holistic learning.

Why Choose Us


Dedicated Talented Team

We have a dedicated talented team with more than 6 years of experience in technologies that suit your projects. You can count on our team to build solutions that work seamlessly across a wide range of platforms. Solutions that change things.



Throughout each phase of development, we work hand in hand with you, and get feedback from you to make sure our development solutions meet your business-specific needs.


Excellent Communication

We are always available 24/7 to assist you in every possible manner at each project development phase. Our Customer Service gives immediate attention to all levels of clients.