Teacher’s Capacity Building Workshop.

There are several reasons why a school might want to subscribe to our training plan:

  1. Professional development: Our training plan can provide teachers with the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, which can help them improve their teaching practices and better support their students
  2. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments: The education field is constantly evolving, and a training plan can help teachers stay current on the latest trends and developments in their subject area.
  3. Customized content: A training plan can be tailored to the specific needs and goals of a school or district, ensuring that the content is relevant and valuable to teachers.
  4. Convenient delivery: Training plans can be delivered online or in person, allowing teachers to participate at their own pace and schedule.
  5. Cost-effective: A training plan can be a cost-effective way for a school or district to provide professional development to its teachers, as it allows them to access a range of training resources and resources in one package.

Overall, subscribing to a training plan can provide numerous benefits for teachers and schools, helping them to improve their teaching practices and better support their students

Ed Events

-The Brain Box Competition

TBBC is an EdTech Competition that features Tech Quiz & Public Speaking. Age 10 – 18 years.

Competition amongst students can have both positive and negative effects, depending on how it is approached and managed. However, here are some potential benefits of The Brain Box Competition amongst students:

Improved performance: TBBC can motivate students to perform at their best and try harder to succeed.

Enhanced skills development: TBBC can encourage students to develop and improve specific skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Increased motivation: Students may be more motivated to complete tasks or meet goals when they are competing against their peers.

Development of healthy habits: TBBC can encourage students to take care of their physical and mental health, as they strive to be their best selves.

Improved self-esteem: Students who are successful in competition may feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, which can boost their self-esteem.

  • Teachers’ Hangout.

Teaching can be a demanding and stressful job, and it’s important for teachers to have opportunities to relax and unwind outside of the classroom thus the foundation on which the event was built on.

Taking time to recharge can help teachers feel more energized and better able to handle the challenges of their job.

Hanging out and unwinding can also provide teachers with the opportunity to build relationships and connections with their colleagues, which can help create a sense of community and support within the school.

This can be especially important for teachers who may feel isolated or overwhelmed by the demands of the job.

Therefore, Teachers’ Hangout is structured to engaging educators, school administrators and teachers in leisure activities and taking breaks from work to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which can have numerous benefits for their overall well-being and happiness.

The choice of the location is intentionally done with the intention to give the participants a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation.

School Management Software & Website

We collaborate to build strong school management software that enhances effectiveness in school.
School Management Software & Website Development
We understand the unique needs and challenges that educational institutions face in today’s digital age. To streamline your school’s operations, enhance communication, and create a strong online presence, we offer comprehensive School Management Software and Website Development services.

Our Services Include:

Custom School Management Software:
We specialize in developing tailor-made school management software solutions that cater to the specific needs of your institution. Our software can efficiently handle student records, attendance, examinations, fees management, and much more. With user-friendly interfaces and robust features, our software makes administrative tasks a breeze.

Responsive School Website Design:
Your school’s website is often the first point of contact for parents, students, and prospective stakeholders. We create stunning and responsive websites that not only look professional but are also designed to be easily accessible on various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Online Registration and Admission Portals:
Simplify the admission process with our online registration and admission portals. These platforms facilitate a seamless application process, allowing prospective students and parents to submit their applications and required documents electronically.

Student and Parent Portals:
Enhance communication between your school and students and parents with dedicated portals. These portals offer features like progress tracking, report card access, event calendars, and more, fostering a stronger sense of community and transparency.

Teacher and Staff Management Tools:
Our software includes tools for managing teacher and staff data, scheduling, and communication. This helps in optimizing staff allocation and improving overall school efficiency.

Learning Management System (LMS):
Implement an LMS that enables teachers to upload resources, assignments, and conduct online assessments. Students can access learning materials and submit assignments from anywhere, fostering a blended learning environment.

Integrated Communication Solutions:
Ensure efficient and real-time communication with students, parents, and staff through integrated messaging, email, and notification systems.

Security and Data Protection:
We prioritize data security and implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

LevelUp Conference

Are you ready to revolutionize education? The LevelUp Conference is your gateway to the future of teaching and learning.

About LevelUp Conference:

The LevelUp Conference is a premier EdTech event designed exclusively for school owners and teachers who are passionate about harnessing the full potential of technology in education. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve, and that’s precisely what LevelUp offers.

What to Expect:

Cutting-Edge Insights: LevelUp brings together leading experts, innovators, and thought leaders in the field of educational technology. Gain valuable insights into the latest trends, tools, and strategies that are transforming the teaching and learning process.

Hands-On Workshops: Dive deep into practical workshops and demonstrations. Learn how to integrate tech solutions seamlessly into your classrooms, making teaching more engaging and learning more interactive.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow educators and school owners who share your passion for EdTech. Share experiences, swap success stories, and build a valuable network of like-minded professionals.

Exhibition Showcase: Explore a vibrant exhibition area featuring cutting-edge educational technology solutions. Discover innovative products and services that can take your institution to the next level.

Panel Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking panel discussions covering topics such as online learning, digital assessment, remote education, and more. Gain diverse perspectives and insights from experts.